Sexy secretary lifts her skirt


I entered an office for an interview at a company I’d applied for multiple times.  I entered the office and witnessed the same sexy secretary that I’d grown accustom to seeing.  We began talking and as I approached her desk, […]

Sexy Secretary Panties


I enjoy working with Bianca, our new secretary.  She is a sexy secretary and every day she does something new to blow my mind.  This hot babe answers the phone and rolls around in her chair.  Without knowing, she exposes […]

Hot Secretary spreads her legs


Melinda is a fiery sexy secretary that works in the office.  She loves coming into work and giving me hot smiles.  While I am in meetings, I am able to view her at her desk.  One day while I was […]

Rebecca shows everything


Rebecca is the office secretary and she is so hot that she has everyone’s attention in the office.  One day as I stood next to her desk, I could feel her inching close to me and rubbing against my cock.  […]

Office Sex


There is a new office secretary that just started and she is always asking for favors.  I want to be considerate but I feel as if I am being taken advantage of.  She is a sexy secretary, so sometimes I […]

Secretary got on her knees


One day, I was headed to the copy room when I bumped into the new hot sexy secretary named Alisha.  She gave me a gorgeous look while she left the room.  I just imagined what kind of signal that look […]